Training Team

ASC Healthcare provides high quality training to all staff with the use of its in-house trainers, online training program and the use of external professionals for bespoke or specific training needs.  ASC Healthcare is currently looking to develop and introduce a more ridged training structure that will steer the way for all existing, new and future staff to help proved excellent care and understanding for the people that we support.

All staff from all departments are trained to the same exact standards, so all aspects of the people we support have a understating, caring and knowledgeable team around them.


Nick Dube – Senior Lead and MAPA Trainer

I have worked in the health care sector for 17 years, in this time I have always progressed to the best I can be. While working at ASC I started as a support worker and progressed to senior lead and approved MAPA (physical intervention) trainer.

I still work along side the support team and ensure that the techniques and understating of how to best support the people we care for is at the highest standard. I will continue to improve my skills and keep up to date with the latest changes withing the training program I am entrusted to teach the staff at ASC.