Our Clinical Team

Our experience coupled with current research supports the idea that the factors contributing to the behaviour, communication and learning challenges of people with learning disability and/or autism spectrum conditions are multifaceted and unique to that individual;

On this basis it is vital that treatment and intervention should be multi-faceted as well and a  common sense approach is to accept that the vastness, wide ranging and diversity of learning disability and/or autism spectrum conditions cannot all be supported by any one single approach.

We believe in the strength of what is known as the “multi-treatment effect” comes from the interaction between the often diverse variety of interventions and supportive strategies. On this basis it can be said that one plus one equals more than two” when one strategy acts as a catalyst to speed up or enhance another.

It is on this basis that at ASC Healthcare we do not adopt the usual ‘one size fits all’ approach to our delivery of clinical, therapeutic or nursing support, therapy and intervention and to avoid this we intend that our overall Clinical Team has two distinct components:

  1. Our in-house clinical team consisting of a number of clinicians, including a Psychiatrist, Registered Nurses, Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist.
  2. Associate asc specialist therapists who we will engage on an a patient defined as required basis who in support of our in-house clinical team, will be employed dependent upon assessed need.

It is our view that in ensuring the best possible outcomes that All approaches to treatment & therapy must be:

Specific – individual – personal – on target – responsive to needs – with no false perception – measured – resourced – valid – reliable – proven.






If you wish to make an enquiry relating to becoming a member of our Clinical Team, please use the contacts form on our contacts page.