Our Clinical Teams

Whilst the unique design of the building supports us in moving away from the traditional models of hospital services we acknowledge that we will continue to observe the high standards of care set for providers of independent hospital services this includes the provision of 24/7 nursing care.

We intend that all of our staff who we regard as one of our most important assets are valued and recognized for their own specialism.

Our clinical team form an integral part of our team and are supported by support staff who are trained to support the delivery of key aspects of nursing care.

Our Mission Statement:

Through our unique delivery of a social and clinical partnership model, we will actively support individuals to develop a range of life skills and functional strategies. These will allow individuals to live the life they want to live now and in the future.

We recognise and endorse the philosophy that a hospital is not a home, but a place for extra support, during a critical time in a person’s lifetime. The emphasis of our work from point of referral will always focus on discharge preparation.

Our Clinical Team
Dr Faheem Naqvi – Medical Director

Faheem studied Medicine at The University of Liverpool and completed his Psychiatry Training in Manchester and Lancashire. Faheem is a Consultant Psychiatrist who strongly believes in improving service provision and outcomes for people with mental health difficulties as well as those with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Faheem joined ASC Group and SCGMS as a Medical Director as he strongly believes in the ethos of providing appropriate services and care to service users at the point of need and working collaboratively with stakeholders. Appropriate service provision and care is important for recovery and quality of life as well as for positive prevention. Faheem has varied interests but particularly enjoys travel, culture, sports and connecting with family and friends.