Discharge Solutions

While we appreciate that most providers will openly discuss their referrals and admissions processes at ASC Healthcare we also pride ourselves in being able to present a range of discharge solutions both local to the Centre and within surrounding localities. Some of these discharge solutions can be provided by ourselves or by a number of partner organisations.

Developing discharge solutions begins for us at the point of pre-admission to the Centre in our recognition that a hospital is for patients requiting treatment intervention, therapy and support and should never be considered as a home or long term solution for someone who from time to time may present with extreme or complex conditions.

Our range of discharge solutions are described below:



As part of the My Shared Pathway and Planned Parallel Pathways Programme we have identified from our experiences that for any individual with learning disability and/or asc to successfully move from a hospital setting through a discharge process there are a number of significant preparations required which include:

Preparing for my Future

  1. My safety and risks
  2. My Health
  3. Do I access and belong to a community?
  4. Am I independent ?
  5. Can I make this transition?

Ultimately the work undertaken to achieve a yes answer to all the five points above will inform the content of a relapse plan, it is intended that this will travel with the patient as they continue with their daily life post discharge and ensure that the patient and the new care team is informed and reminded, of key information such as:

  • Discharge instructions
  • Discharge Plan  – how it impacts on me
  • My strategies –  routines and activities
  • Medication schedules and information
  • What are the signs and symptoms of me becoming unwell
  • Activities that work
  • Where can I go for help
  • Historical information

We intend that the results of providing transfer of such information will help reduced readmission rates and provide a more positive outcomes for the on-going sustainability and wellbeing patient.