Care Pathway Programmes – My Shared Pathway

A care pathway is best defined as “anticipated care placed in an appropriate time frame, written and agreed by a multidisciplinary team. It has locally agreed standards based on evidence where available to help a patient with a specific condition or diagnosis move progressively through the clinical experience”.

It forms part or all of the clinical record, documenting the care given. It facilitates and demonstrates continuous quality improvement.

A care pathway provides a structured and defined approach to core delivery that clearly describes the journey an individual is likely to take when moving through the care system.

We are in the process of implementing the Easy read My Shared Pathway Programme and materials have been adapted for people with learning disabilities and include :

  • A Shared introduction
  • Understanding
  • My health
  • Me and my recovery
  • My safety and risks
  • Outcomes framework plans progress.

ASC Healthcare are also in the process of developing an autism specific adaptation of My Shared Pathway currently named Parallel Pathways Programme which aims to ensure a distinct emphasis on planning and support with people with learning disability and/or asc throughout their stay and beyond.

Currently in the draft form we are hoping again to link in with the National Service User Lead to further adapt the documents which includes a services of work books.

It includes patient milestones and clinical interventions noted on the day or stage that they are expected to occur.

It will include all of the following standards or show evidence that it is working towards meeting these standards:

  • multidisciplinary
  • patient/user involvement
  • monitoring  of utilisation
  • cross boundaries
  • outcome orientated
  • built in audit
  • evidence based.

(National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare 2005, p.8)

While it is acknowledged that there are a number of standardised and generic care pathways planning tools available, ASC Healthcare recognise that none of these has a specific focus on support for people having autism spectrum conditions (asc) and have therefore in the process of developing. The Parallel Pathway Programme which will ensure a distinct emphasis on planning and supporting people having autism spectrum conditions (asc) throughout their stay in hospital and beyond.

The Parallel Pathways Programme promotes a way of working with patients with asc to help them achieve the life they want to lead both now and in the future. It aims to ensure staff practice has a distinct focus upon working together with each patient to identify, clarify and meet the required outcomes or ‘results’ that will enable a timely discharge from hospital care and move back into the community.

As with My Shared Pathway the Parallel Pathway is defined on the basis of ensuring a meaningful and systematic structure of events take place both collectively and individually by all partners, stakeholders and the patient along corresponding routes from point of pre-admission to discharge and beyond to achieve in the best possible outcomes in the interest of the patient.

A series of draft workbooks that have been completed and will be translated into asc sepcific to support and enable each individual to travel through their pathway and promote an understanding of Why? What? When? Where? How? Who With? and What is next? Each workbook will be developed and completed at various stages within the Parallel Pathway Programme at a pre-determined pace which will ensure targets and outcomes are achieved. These workbooks which can be tailored according to each individual’s strength and ability fall into six key categories:

  1. My Stay at The Centre
  2. Where am I now?
  3. Where do I want to be?
  4. How do I get there
  5. How can I tell how I am doing?
  6. Preparing for my future

While there will inevitably be a number of common themes within each individual’s programme of care and support it is intended that specific and individual pathways be developed to ensure that they have a distinct and meaningful individualised person centred focus which takes into account the uniqueness of each individual in respect of their unique autism spectrum condition (asc).

Parallel Pathways Programme Flow Chart