Private Mental Health Care

Private Mental Health Hospital (Acute/Crisis Admission Service)

Suffering from a mental healthcare condition can be extremely unsettling and can cause feelings of loneliness, fear and despair. Despite this, some sufferers do not feel comfortable discussing their condition with family or friends and often decide that suffering in silence is their only option. This can, in fact, exacerbate some conditions and prevent sufferers from receiving the care they badly need. For this reason, it is exceedingly important to seek help from one of the many mental health support services available across the UK.

At our clinic in Manchester, patients receive some of the highest quality private mental health care in the UK. We understand that no two mental health conditions are alike and work closely with our patients on a one-to-one basis, listening to their symptoms and assessing their condition before compiling an individually tailored treatment programme designed to meet their specific needs. Our private mental health treatment services include Recovery Star and Positive Behaviour Support models.

The mental health support services we offer at our Manchester-based clinic, here in the UK, are aimed at eliminating patients’ symptoms, supporting their progressive improvement and rehabilitating them following their recovery. Our excellent facilities enable our patients to enjoy a level of independence and community integration throughout their treatment programme which makes us one of the best providers of private mental health care and private mental health treatment in the UK.

The clinic itself is designed so as to make patients feel safe and comfortable during their treatment programme, with a variety of different accommodation styles and services available, each to the highest standard. We are able to accommodate physically disabled patients and offer a range of apartment types depending on each patient’s ability and willingness to exercise their independence, facilitating a smooth transition back into community living post-recovery.