For the Family

At ASC Healthcare, we appreciate and understand the significant personal and collective impact of having a family member with a learning disability and/or asc and equally the additional anxieties of having a family member in a hospital setting, more especially given the recent media relating to a range of care and support services.

As a family member we at ASC Healthcare view your contribution to the care and support of your son, daughter or sibling as an equal partner and will always value your expert first hand experiences and opinions and endeavour to engage with you throughout every step of our Care Pathway Programme.

Our aim is always to provide a transparent and open service where you can be assured and reassured that your family member is in the right place at the right time and for the right reasons. As part of our commitment in ensuring free flow and share of information as desired and required by all parties including the patient we may often develop standard agreements to ensure the level and type of information share, how this is done and the frequency.

As part of your introduction to The Centre we will establish a named point of contact with you who will act as the named internal Care Co-ordinator for your family member and will oversee every aspect of their care, therapy and support during their stay with us. This named person will be able to provide you with routine progress updates and direct you to other sources of information should this be required and also support you within the covers Forum committee.

It is inevitable however in some cases that the patient may not wish for certain aspects of their care, support or treatment to be shared with a particular family member and we have certain duties and responsibilities to them in upholding these requests. In such circumstances decisions will be made on a ‘best interests’ basis with the involvement of the wider Multi-disciplinary Team and external professionals.

ASC Healthcare have policies and procedures in place that actively encourage and support family visits. In most cases such visits are regarded as vital in the well-being and support of patient recovery. Visiting times are generally unspecified however we respectfully ask that these are planned in a way that does not impact therapy and activity timetables.

The hospital has facilities specifically designed and designated exclusively for visitor use, these are intended to allow visits to proceed with a level of freedom and flexibility with ease of access to social and meaningful activity and refreshments without any compromise to risk and safety to any party. It is also important to note that visitors would not routinely be denied access to any of our residential areas subject to satisfactory completion of risk assessment and implementation of a visitor support plan. However we reserve the right in respect of Health and Safety to refuse access to these areas by young children and some adults dependent upon our assessment of risk.

Part of our ethos and our values base as detailed within our Statement of Purpose makes specific reference to family members and their contribution to our service delivery which from our perspective not only demonstrates our overall commitment but also sets out our clear intention for involvement.