Community Engagement

There are strong links between the Big Society agenda and the drive for personalisation in adult health and social care. Both involve empowering people to be active citizens and can contribute to their communities.

At ASC Healthcare we understand that by being at the heart of the local Breightmet community, this will bring many advantages for our patients, our staff and the local community.

For our patients:

This will allow patients to access a more relational approach to citizenship by their proximity and by being part of, their participation, inclusion and involvement in local activities and access to facilities and resources.

For our staff:

Our location is such that we aim to employ local people, staff should not have to travel great distances to / from work. The Centre is ideally located with good access to public transport links. Many of our staff are likely to be local residents who we anticipate will help us as a provider develop and raise awareness of asc.

For the local community:

We use as many local businesses as possible to support the many operational functions of The Centre. We will also provide support where we can to local voluntary groups and encourage the sharing of our available resources, including meeting rooms and reasonable access to other assets. Again we anticipate that this will help develop and raise awareness of learning disability and/or asc throughout the locality.