Pre-admission Assessment

All of our admissions will follow our Admissions Policy which takes into account our pre-admission assessment process. The pre-admission assessment process is always undertaken on the basis of basic understanding and knowledge of the person to be assessed in the first instance and will require a level of personalisation which will take into account the person’s level of functioning at the time assessment is undertaken.

We are aware that for the person with a learning disability and/or asc, being visited by any number of professionals, often from a number of different providers, asking all sorts of questions can raise significant anxieties and concerns which will likely impact on day to day well-being and may present the individual with a whole range of difficult to make sense of confused messages.

Based on our understanding, knowledge and expertise we will sensitively tailor and undertake each assessment process to ensure that any likely impact or trauma, in many cases for someone who may already be experiencing a level of crisis in their day to day life is minimised.

Despite our sensitivity and detailed planning, our assessments are direct, specific and meaningful to ensure we obtain the most accurate information and detail without which the impact on the ability to prepare present and deliver the ‘right’ levels of future service can be placed at risk and to the detriment of the individual concerned.

While we have two parts to our pre-admission assessment, where necessary the first stage can be undertaken over a period of time and in different settings and broken down into smaller steps, usually commencing with a paper based assessment which will guide the rest of the process. It is always our intention that parents, family members and those considered as having key relationships with the person will be consulted.

The two stages to our assessment process:

  1. Pre-Admission Checklist:

This is intended to prompt the assessors in undertaking the initial assessment in all areas of enquiry to ensure adequate information is obtained which will actively underpin and support future care planning arrangements. At this time information will also be obtained which recognise the desired and required outcomes for the patient which will enable them to progress through the Care Pathways Programme to point of discharge.

2.  Pre-Admission Report:

This report is intended to summarise the outcomes of the checklist as per above into two formats, i) for the commissioner of the service and ii) for the patient and where appropriate their carers and/or families.

At the pre-admission stage and following agreement by the MDT that the admission should proceed, temporary care / support and risk management plans will be developed and shared with the wider staff group, external professionals, the individual and key family members / carers. It is also vital at this stage that transition is considered in the context of both macro and micro transitions, the impact of these and how any perceived or actual difficulties are intended to be overcome.