Our Referrals Process

Our referrals process follows a simple step by step approach within pre-set timescales which will allow everyone to know where they each should be at any given time.

Step 1
Day 1
•Enquiry / Referral received, referrals form completed and details forwarded to Hospital / Deputy Manager to determine assessment team , this to include 2 different disciplines from the following groups- 1) Hospital / Deputy / Member of Nursing Team 2) Psychiatrist  / Member of Therapy Team.
Step 2
by day 3
•Confirm assessment date with referrer.
•Obtain any available current placement information.
•Undertake assessment – Pre-Admission Checklist & Pre-Admission Report.
 Step 3
by day 7
•Assessment  visit to have taken place and pre-admission assessment form completed and summary report completed.
•Summary report to be presented  within the next available Referrals Meeting.
•Assuming referral acceptable – proceed to next step or provide feedback to referrer.
 Step 4
by day 10
•In house team to develop transition timeline / plan, complete interim care plan and risk assessment for presentation.
•Agree transition plan with patient and current care team
Step 5
by day 11
•To make formal request for copies of the following information from current placement: Last 2 x CPA reports, most recent nursing summary, most recent psychiatric report, copies of  up to date support and risk management plans.
•Determine arrangements for pre-discharge / pre-admission  meeting and attendees.
Step 6
by day 15
•Briefing to Hospital staff in preparation for admission.
•Ensure placement agreement issued and response received.
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