Making A Referral

Our approach to Care Pathways ensures that our approach is apparent within every aspect of our service operation and delivery. This is also integral to our referrals process.

Our Care Pathways Programme will be defined as such on the basis of ensuring a meaningful and systematic structure of events take place both collectively and individually by all partners, stakeholders including the patient along corresponding routes from point of referral to discharge and beyond to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our team of staff responsible for conducting assessments will explain to prospective patients everything they need to know about our services and the experiences they can expect. In our acknowledgement of the potential difficulties faced by individuals with a learning disability and/or asc at this critical time we are in the process of developing asc specific policies and procedures to inform staff practice.

The assessment process itself maintains a high level of transparency within an equal partnership approach and ensures treatment / therapy / support planning have a strong outcomes focus which helps determine each length of stay period. We will ensure that services delivered can be effectively monitored and benchmarked against our pre-admission promise.

During this critical stage of the referrals process we understand from an individual patient, family member or commissioning perspective of the need to work within distinct timelines so that all parties are aware what will happen and when. With this in mind and for reference purposes, we have detailed a timeline for our referrals and pre-admission assessment process which can be found here.

To make a referral please click here and download the ASC referral form, Once completed please return to