Our Quality Commitment

We clearly recognise the need for Quality within our services in all that we say and all that we do.

At ASC Healthcare and The Breightmet Centre for Autism, our commitment to quality goes beyond our quality and governance structures, systems and processes. We believe that it is not simply about the management of the company or the hospital, and its commitment to a policy of Quality Assurance throughout all its activities, but also about ensuring that the professional service quality satisfies the specific and individual requirements of all patients.

To help us achieve this we will embrace and adopt the principles as set out in the European Charter for Persons with Autism in their entirety as presented at the 4th Autism-Europe Congress, Den Haag, 10 May 1992. Details of the Charter can be viewed here:


This charter will form an integral component of our training programmes and will be routinely delivered to our staff team members. In its implementation, the Charter is supported by the meaningful facilitation of a culture where there is an open and effective critical process to encourage and bring forward ideas that lead to optimum solutions and equally encourage the reporting of any associated difficulties.

As a further demonstration of its commitment to learning disability and/or asc specialist quality, The Breightmet Centre has voluntarily become registered with the National Autistic Society Accreditation Programme and will work towards ultimately achieving accreditation as an autism specialist service provider. We hope these standard of excellence and a systematic framework will enable us with the opportunity to continuous self-examination and development.

In our achievement of Accredited Status, ASC Healthcare and The Breightmet Centre for Autism will actively demonstrate:

  • it has a specialised knowledge and understanding of autism
  • the knowledge and understanding of autism consistently informs the organisation, the resources and management of the organisation
  • the knowledge and understanding of autism consistently informs the assessment and support plan for people who use the service
  • the knowledge and understanding of autism consistently informs all aspects of practice.

For further information about Autism Accreditation, please visit: