Our Senior Management Team

ASC Healthcare is a dedicated provider of services for adults with a learning disability and/or asc. Our Senior Management Team, known and acknowledged for their wealth of experience and knowledge within the health and social care sectors, particularly in the development and delivery of services for people with learning disability and/or asc were originally brought together in December 2012.

The team have undertaken a wide ranging and strategic review of existing specialist provision for people with a learning disability and/or asc and the outcome of this coupled with professional experience, their innovation and creativity has led to their development of a hospital model service which aims to move away from the more traditional existing care regimes and is closely aligned to the type of service demanded today by individuals with a learning disability and/or asc, their families, commissioners and regulators. This is further emphasised in our mission statement below:

“Through our unique delivery of a social and clinical partnership model, we will actively support individuals to develop a range of life skills and functional strategies. These will allow individuals to live the life they want to live now and in the future.

We recognise and endorse the philosophy that a hospital is not a home, but a place for extra support, during a critical time in a person’s lifetime. The emphasis of our work from point of referral will always focus on discharge preparation”.

The Senior Team

Nixon Amuntung – CEO

Nixon is a qualified Nurse and has over 10 years’ experience working in healthcare across both the NHS and the private sector in clinical and managerial roles. Most recently Nixon has work within the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s). He has also worked within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) where he was involved in setting up a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Nixon has special interest in re-lapse prevention, health promotion work and has extensive experience in managing rehabilitation/step down facilities.

Nixon studied initially at the University of Salford and has most recent completed a post graduate diploma in Public health at the University of Manchester School of Medicine.

Rob Baillie – Head of Strategy & Business Development

Rob has over 30 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse (LD) in the development and delivery of social and healthcare services for people having learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum conditions and mental illness within the NHS, private and voluntary sectors. This spans through concept, design and commissioning to service delivery.

Having worked within a number of Strategic Management Positions across autism services, Rob has a wealth proven clinical leadership and management skills with an ability to actively demonstrate an innovative and creative approach to solving complex issues. He is also an Advisor to the Transforming Autism Project.

Dr Abid Malik – Responsible Clinician / Consultant Psychiatrist

I am Dr. Abid Malik, responsible clinician and consultant psychiatrist based at ASC.  I have 21 year’s experience in assessment and management of psychiatric and development disorders.  I provide lead medical role at ASC with the help of multi-disciplinary team.  I am approved under section 12 of Mental Health Act by the Secretary of State.  I have a special interest in psycho-pharmacology and the assessment of cognitive disorders.  At ASC I am responsible for risk management in the hospital and safe discharges of patients to the community.

Dr Chris Moore – Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Chris is a clinical psychologist with over 17 years post-qualification experience of working with adult males and females with a range of difficulties, including mental illness, personality disorder, learning disability, and autistic spectrum disorders. Chris has worked in both the public and private sector, in a range of hospital settings, including locked units of various levels of security and open rehabilitative units.  He is experienced in working with individuals with complex, often co-morbid, conditions that present with risks to themselves and to others and utilises bespoke assessment and formulation procedures, in order to devise and tailor interventions to target an individual’s specific needs.  Chris also has long-standing experience of devising and setting up systems that are therapeutically beneficial for individuals that can be used to support and augment individualised and group interventions that are being provided for clients, to maximise the therapeutic impact of the settings in which the individual is receiving treatment.  In addition, Chris has many years experience of providing training to staff, which includes Positive Behaviour Support Plan training, risk assessment and management training, and personality disorder training.

Caspian Jamie – Speech and Language Therapist

Caspian is a Lead Speech and Language Therapist and Autism Specialist with more than 10 years experience working in both the private and public sector. Caspian is a specialist in his field, having presented on Social Communication disorders at conferences, created an award winning social skills programme for young people with Autism and co-founded two organisations providing Speech and Language support to individuals with communication difficulties. He is also a trustee for a local Autism Charity (ASGMA).

Caspian joined ASC Healthcare in April 2016 to provide ongoing specialist Autism training and fortnightly workshops- equipping care staff with the latest evidence based techniques to support our clients. Caspian also works directly with clients, providing assessment and intervention to support communication.

Denise Tierney – Lead Occupational Therapist

Denise is a qualified Occupational Therapist with over ten years’ experience of working with clients from a diverse range of settings. She has extensive experience of working with adults who have experienced barriers to engagement and needed rehabilitative support to live in their own homes or semi-supported accommodation. This has included working with adults with mental health issues, learning difficulties and autism. The majority of people Denise has worked with have also had a risk history or forensic background; had repeated relapses or hospital admissions; including substance misuse issues and history of self-neglect. Denise has also worked with homeless young people as a Housing and Resettlement Officer within supported living which required her to offer outreach services for young people once they had left supported accommodation. In 2013 Denise qualified as an as an Occupational Therapist and she is registered with the HCPC. This requires Occupational Therapists to continually develop their practice and service through on-going supervision and training. Denise has a strong belief in the person-centred approach and feel clients should be empowered to be the drivers of their own recovery through agreeing meaningful and achievable goals at a pace that is right for them.

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